Our History

The company was founded in 2001, currently has 500 employees, covers an area of 200000 square meters, the company mainly produces black castings, involving various fields, has form a complete set of finishing unit, with advanced production, testing and processing equipment.

Our Factory

As a casting manufacturer funded by Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu Xihua Foundry Co,. Ltd.is located in the Yangtze River Delta, at Yuanzhu, Taixing, near Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, enjoying conven-ient communication .Currently, the investment in Phase 1 amounts to RMB ¥80,000,000 and this company has established an annual capacity of 6,000T cast products with a single article up to 70t.

Our Product

wind power generation parts (GJS-350-22U-LT, QT40O-18AL and QT700-2A), plastic injection molder parts (QT450-10 and QTS00-7), mining vehicle parts (QT450-12), wear-resistant gray cast iron alloy for marine cylinder liner, heat-resistant strap vermicular cast iron and other Pastings.

Product Application

Wind power generation parts, plastic injection molder parts, mining vehicle parts, wear resistant gray cast iron alloy for marine cylinder liner, heat-resistant strap vermicular cast iron and other Pastings.

Our Certificate

The company has been appraised as a high-tech enterprise by the state, and currently has 11 patent certificates and 3 High-tech products and has been passed the IS09001:2000 Quality System Certification

E:\客服部\李莲莲\外贸客户\已建站\江苏锡华铸造有限公司(M)\拼图\证书1\certificate.jpgE:\客服部\李莲莲\外贸客户\已建站\江苏锡华铸造有限公司(M)\拼图\证书 2\certificate.jpg

Production Equipment

Two 15t/h cupolas, one medium-frequency smelting electric furnace (15t, l0t and 2t each), one holding furnace (30t and 10t each) and the hoisting equipment can lift 150t at most; other equipment include two resin sand production lines, ten sand mixers (60t, 30t, 20t and 15t) in total, one shot blasting machine (70t and 30t each) and four shot blasting machines below lot, as well as four normalizing and annealing furnaces with capacity of heat treatment 50t/set at maximum.

Large electric heating furnace,Large suspension type shot blasting machine,Germany Zeiss MMZ305020 Coordinate Measuring Machine,Germany starragheckert HEC1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center,Haitian Seiko 3225 CNC Longmen Machining Center,TX6113 digital boring and milling machine of Kunming Machine,Qiqihar Heavy CNC vertical lathe 1.6m,Qiqihar Heavy CNC vertical lathe 2.5m,Qiqihar Heavy CNC DVT250 vertical turning center,Qiqihar Heavy CNC SVT200 vertical turning center,Taiwan Dafoluo HBM-4T NC boring milling machining center,Taiwan YOU JI VTL1600 vertical turning machining center,Taiwan YOU JI VTL2500 vertical turning machining center,ZOJE Z3050 radial drilling machine,ZOJE Z3080 radial drilling machine.

Parker Photoelectric Direct-reading spectrometer, GE Digital Ultrasonic flaw detector, low temperature impact tester, portable, hammer and desktop hardness tester, desktop and portable metallographic microscope, all kinds of paint inspection equipment, all kinds of mechanical performance testing equipment, chemical analysis and sand testing and other advanced equipment.拼图(11)

Production Market

Entitled to self-managed import and export, we have marketed cast products in USA, Japan and Europe, etc.