Advantages of casting grey Iron castings

- Jul 19, 2019-

There are many advantages to using cast iron and iron castings, mainly in the following aspects. (Grey Iron castings such as: cast iron flats, machine tool castings, rails, machine tools, etc.)


1. High dimensional accuracy and small machining allowance


There are ceramic precision casting processes for the manufacture of metal and gray iron castings. The machining allowance for each part can be: cavity surface 0.4mm; parting surface 1.5mm; back and outer surface 3mm.


2. Consistent performance in all directions


During the forging or rolling process of steel, the non-metallic inclusions of the content are deformed and extended, resulting in different mechanical properties of the steel in all directions, so-called "anisotropic". The properties of the cast grey iron castings are uniform in all directions and thus have many advantages.


3. High temperature hardness is better than section, rolling steel


The test by Latrobe Steel Company of the forged H-13 die steel shows that the hardness of cast steel is slightly lower than that of forged steel when the working temperature is below 200 °C under the same original hardness; above 200 °C , the hardness of cast steel is higher than that of forged steel.


It is worth noting that the advantage of this high temperature hardness is more pronounced with the increase of temperature. At 650 ° C, the hardness of cast steel is about 8 HRC higher than that of forging.


When the gray iron casting is accurately formed, the machining allowance of the cavity surface of the casting is small, and the fine grain structure of the surface layer of the gemstone can be obtained, so that the gray iron casting has good wear resistance.