An optional injection molding machine importance of energy conservation

- Feb 27, 2021-

The key points of purchasing an injection molding machine are energy-saving and environmental protection that cannot be ignored when judging modern injection molding machines. Energy saving mainly reflects the water-saving and power-saving capabilities of the injection molding machine when the heating system (electromagnetic heating), power drive system (frequency converter, server, etc.), and heat dissipation system meet the normal process conditions compared with similar machines. Modern injection molding machine design should fully consider the theme of " environmental protection " . The injection molding machine should prevent hydraulic oil leakage or excessive noise, and work quietly. In addition, the injection molding machine itself should also use more environmentally friendly materials. The main points of purchasing an injection molding machine are to be convenient for machine maintenance and overhaul. The installation position of various machines such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and electrical components should be conducive to the maintenance and repair of the machine. At the same time, the generalization and standardization of injection molding machines are also very important to users.