Analysis of processing methods and related factors of wind power gearbox castings

- Jan 24, 2019-

The wind power gear box casting, that is, the wind power gear box, is a casting, which is obtained by casting. Therefore, it is one of the castings, and it needs to have a certain understanding and understanding so that the casting can be correct. Know, and at the same time, you can know how to use it correctly and reasonably instead of using it incorrectly.


1. Does the product purchase of wind turbine gearbox castings need attention? Is it necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer or the price of the product?

The purchase of wind turbine gearbox castings is professionally considered to be taken seriously and treated seriously, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use of the product, and at the same time, it will be wasteful because the product cannot be used. And bring economic losses to users.


When purchasing this product, it is necessary to consider relevant factors and related aspects, including the manufacturer and the product price. However, these two are important considerations, and the importance is the same. Regardless of the point of view, manufacturers and product prices need to pay attention to, and can not only pay attention to one.


2. Why does the wind turbine gearbox adopt the casting method? Manufacturers such as wind power, are there other castings?

The wind power gearbox adopts the casting method because the casting process has some advantages compared with other processes, and the wind power gearbox has good performance and use effect. In addition, it is not very complicated and difficult to operate, so the casting process is used to obtain wind turbine gearbox castings. Wind turbines and other manufacturers, in addition to wind power gear box castings, there are bearings and other castings.


3. Is the structural form of the wind turbine gearbox related to the casting?

The structural form of the wind power gearbox is generally a two-stage planetary first-order parallel shaft or a first-order planetary two-stage parallel shaft. In addition, there is a closed differential plus parallel shaft. Whether it is related to castings, mainly depends on the structural form of the casting and the manufacturing. Therefore, to some extent, there is some relationship between the two, because the structural form of the wind turbine gearbox determines the casting of the wind turbine gearbox. structure type.


4. Can planetary gear bearings be used in wind turbine gearbox castings? What is the working clearance of the bearing?

In the wind turbine gearbox castings, planetary gear bearings can be used, and they can be used normally and have good effects without affecting the wind turbine gearbox castings. The working clearance of the bearing is determined by the bearing type and the mounting method of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the bearing adopts C3