Appearance requirements for wind power gearbox castings and how to ensure quality

- Sep 18, 2018-

The wind power gear box casting is a wind power gear box obtained by casting, and the finished product is a casting, so it is called a wind power gear box casting. Well, since this type of casting is mentioned and you want to fully understand and understand, the following is the study to achieve the goal.


1. Application of wind power gear box castings and why castings are used

Wind power gearbox castings, as the name suggests, are gearboxes for wind turbines and equipment. They are castings obtained by casting, and castings are used instead of forgings or other types because castings have certain advantages and suitability. Therefore, this conclusion and specific operation will be available.


In addition, the base of the wind power generation equipment, the hub of the device blade, the mechanical gantry, etc. are also made of castings. In the material, ferritic ductile iron can be used, and good tensile strength and elongation are required. And stiffness, its impact toughness should meet the specified requirements at a certain temperature, and high-priced impact strength at low temperatures, especially on some large castings.


2. Appearance requirements for wind turbine gearbox castings

Wind power gearbox castings, which have appearance requirements, and after the completion of production, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic flaw detection are required, and the defects are not allowed to exceed the specified standard level. In terms of specific content, it has the following, which is:


(1) The appearance, roughness and non-metallic inclusions and pores of the casting shall not exceed the specified range.

Defects such as shrinkage, cracks, slag inclusions and corners are not allowed.

(2) The casting should be subjected to local flaw detection, such as magnetic particle inspection or ultrasonic flaw detection, and X-ray inspection is performed on each of the joint areas to provide a flaw detection report.

(3) The casting size and machining allowance shall meet the requirements of the specified requirements or the dimensions of the drawings. The wall thickness shall be uniform and the wall thickness tolerance shall be within the specified allowable range.


3. How to ensure the quality of wind turbine gearbox castings?

Wind power gearbox castings want to ensure product quality, which is to start from the aspects of materials, casting process and styling, such as how to avoid coarse structure, graphite floating, chemical composition segregation, shrinkage, etc. during casting. To ensure the casting quality of wind turbine gearboxes.


In addition, the gearbox castings used for wind power generation are not very simple and easy to cast. It is necessary to comprehensively control the chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties, and master the production technology and strictly control the production process. In order to achieve the goal, the quality and quality of the wind turbine gearbox castings are guaranteed.