Application of ductile iron

- Mar 25, 2021-

Nodular cast iron can be seen everywhere in today's society, and the production technology of nodular cast iron has also become perfect. The quality of nodular cast iron products is gradually improving, and its uses are becoming more and more extensive. Below, I will take you to understand the uses of nodular cast iron.

  Pressure pipes and fittings: Many major industrial countries use ductile iron as the material for pipes and fittings, because it can be more pressure resistant than ordinary cast iron pipes during transportation, and it is also convenient and quick to add during construction, so choose it as The material of the pressure pipe is wise.

  Automotive applications: Ductile iron is mainly used in generators, gears, shaft sleeves, brakes and special devices in the automotive industry. Just like the well-known Ford company, almost all crankshaft parts are made of ductile iron.

  Agricultural machinery and construction applications: General agricultural machinery needs a long life, and the various parts formed by ductile iron can achieve this. In addition, some construction projects or bulldozers and cranes used in road paving are also applied to ductile iron.

  The ductile iron produced by ductile iron manufacturers is widely used in our industrial production, and the performance of high-quality castings is very good, and the performance of stamping products is very good, and ductile iron is widely used. . Because the price of products produced by ductile iron manufacturers is very low, the scope of use is constantly expanding and can replace some of the previous materials, the products of ductile iron in the world are constantly rising, and the development of this industry in my country is also Very quickly, it has become a world-ranked country in 2007. The new price of ductile cast iron is very cheap, and the domestic production level has reached a very good level, but the production process is still relatively backward. It is reflected in all aspects of some raw materials and equipment, resulting in the production of this cast iron. Fluctuations, and this technology is still improving continuously. Compared with some developed countries, in fact, my country's cast iron ductile still has some gaps, but it has developed very well.