Attention to the casting of cast iron box

- Apr 01, 2021-

  The use of cast iron box can give play to its vibration damping, easy to cut and process, and is suitable for mass production. Commonly used materials are ductile iron and other high-strength cast irons. Boxes made of aluminum alloy or other light alloys can make their weight 20% to 30% lighter than cast iron. However, from another perspective, light alloy cast boxes have less weight reduction effects. This is because the elastic modulus of light alloy castings is small. In order to improve the rigidity, it is often necessary to increase the cross-sectional area of ??the stressed part of the box body in the design, and install a steel bearing sleeve at the bearing seat, and the size and weight of the corresponding part Must increase. At present, in addition to the aluminum alloy casing used for smaller wind turbines, light aluminum alloy casting casings for large wind power gearboxes are rare.

  In single-piece or small batch production, welding or a combination of welding and casting is often used. In order to reduce the deformation during machining and use, and prevent cracks, whether it is cast or welded box, annealing and aging treatment should be carried out to eliminate internal stress.

  In order to facilitate assembly and regular inspection of gear meshing, an observation window should be provided on the box. There is generally a conjoined hook beside the machine base for lifting the entire gearbox.

  The flange of the box support should have sufficient rigidity, especially as the structure of the ear hole of the support and the rocker support hole, the support rigidity should be carefully calculated. In order to reduce the vibration transmitted from the gearbox to the nacelle, the gearbox can be installed on an elastic shock absorber. The simplest elastic shock absorber is an elastic bearing block made of high-strength rubber and steel pads, and reasonable use can also achieve better results.

  The tank cover should also be provided with a breathable cover, oil level or oil level indicator. There are oil injectors and oil drain holes in the corresponding parts. Sufficient oil drain space should be left around the oil drain hole. The gear box with forced lubrication and cooling is adopted, and the oil inlet and outlet ports and the installation positions of related hydraulic parts are set in the appropriate parts of the box body.