Cast ductile iron pipe requirements and frequently asked questions

- Mar 11, 2021-

What are the casting requirements of ductile cast iron pipes, and what are the specific common problems, let me introduce you in detail below. The smelting method of ductile iron pipe is similar to other industrial castings. The difference is that the ductile iron pipe needs to be added with some corresponding spheroidizing agent before casting, such as: magnesium or rare earth magnesium combined with gold spheroidizing agent before pouring In the molten iron, the graphite is spheroidized and the stress concentration is reduced, so that the pipe has the advantages of high strength, high elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and good sealing. The inner wall is lined with cement mortar, which improves the water transportation environment of the pipeline. Improve the water supply capacity and reduce the energy consumption; the nozzle adopts a flexible connection, and the pipe itself has a larger elongation rate (>10%), which makes the pipeline flexible. It can be connected with the pipeline in the buried pipeline. The surrounding soil works together to improve the stress state of the pipeline, thereby increasing the reliability of the pipeline network. Therefore, the ductile iron pipes commonly used in my country's water supply industry are currently used as main pipes.