Comparison and casting system of wind turbine gearbox castings and welded parts

- Oct 12, 2018-

The wind power gear box casting, which is the gear box in wind power generation, is obtained by the casting process or the method, so the part is also a casting, and for this kind of casting, it is necessary to have a certain understanding and Understand, in order to know what it is and how to use it correctly and correctly, rather than using it incorrectly.


1. Wind power gear box cover through casting castings in wind power gear box castings

The wind turbine gearbox cover is casted, which belongs to the wind turbine gearbox casting, and is a common and common type. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand the casting, know how to get this casting, and use it very well. In the wind power gearbox.


The casting system of the wind power gear box cover casting cover is not easy to cause the core to be deformed and broken, and the high temperature molten iron can be quickly dispersed into the cavity, so that the pouring system can play the slag and exhaust. Role, and reduce the incidence of defects such as shrinkage, shrinkage and other defects. In terms of composition, there are four parts: a pouring system, a through-casting cavity, a core and an air outlet. The structural features are:

(1) The air outlet of the casting system is located at the upper part of the cavity of the through-casting casting, and the core is located in the cavity of the through-casting casting, and a plurality of reinforcing cores are radially inserted in the core.

(2) The casting system in the casting system includes two sprues and runners, and also has curved runners that communicate with the runners, communicate with the curved runners, and a plurality of Ingate. In addition, the ingate is in communication with the through-cavity casting cavity.

(3) The upper surface of the casting cavity is provided with a plurality of risers and evenly distributed, and the air outlet is above the riser.


2. The role of the wind power gearbox and the comparison between the casting and the welded parts

Wind power gearbox, which is an important mechanical component in wind turbines, is used to transmit the power generated by the wind turbine under the action of wind to the generator and to have the proper speed of the generator. Its production process can be either casting or welding. Which one is chosen depends on the actual situation and the requirements of use. Therefore, there is no comparability between the casting and the welded part. However, in the case of single-piece and small-volume production, it is recommended to use a welded box, which is mass-produced. It is recommended to use a cast box.


3. Is the integrated gearbox in the wind turbine gearbox cast?

The integrated gear box in the wind power gear box can be a casting, that is, the integrated gear box can be a wind power gear box casting, and the casting method can have good heat dissipation and deformation. In addition, it can have a long service life.