Design details of anti-corrosion of ball milled cast iron

- Mar 18, 2021-

What is the anti-corrosion design of ball-milled cast iron? A good ball-milled cast iron pipe has a very good anti-corrosion ability. The specific method will be introduced below.

The influence of the ball milled cast iron pipe itself at a certain temperature is not great. The ball milled cast iron has good toughness and strength, and good elongation. The ball milled cast iron pipe can also run well at lower temperatures.

  Avoiding cracks in ductile iron castings is mainly for ball milled cast iron pipes in the fluid medium. If the critical point of the fluid is low, antifreeze can be added appropriately, or proper heat treatment can be performed for ball milled cast iron pipes, which can prevent low-temperature cracks in winter. There is also a measure for the selection of ball-milled cast iron castings. Choosing a good low-temperature refrigerated material for the production of ball-milled cast irons is very expensive in the production of high-tech measures to make ball-milled cast iron at low temperature, low temperature and high toughness.

    Low-temperature high-toughness ball milled cast iron is mainly used as a component of important equipment in cold areas, such as wind power transmission, wheel hub, base and other railway and subway accessories and parts and parts of petroleum and petrochemical equipment. The demand for high temperature and low temperature toughness DN500 ball milled cast iron pipe is increasing, but its production process and quality control are difficult. The performance characteristics of high-low-temperature toughness ball-milled cast iron, the characterization method of low-temperature fracture characteristics and the structure and the main components of the influence law. Because the production of low-temperature and high-toughness ball-milled cast iron is quite difficult, especially for composition control, metallurgical quality, spheroidization and inoculation treatment process, heat treatment process and organization control must meet the strict requirements of product performance.