Details and steps when installing ductile iron pipes

- Mar 18, 2021-

The ductile iron pipe must be installed before use. What is the specific installation details? We will give you a detailed introduction below.


  Ductile iron pipe installation with all kinds of complex processes, then what are the basic principles to be followed when ductile iron pipe installed? Take a look!

  1, water and gas pipeline engineering and construction design documents should be construction, ductile iron pipes and fittings should It conforms to the current national product standards (GB 13295) or the international current standards (ISO 2531), and should have a factory certificate. The pipes used for drinking water must not pollute the water. The construction of water supply and gas pipeline projects shall comply with relevant national and local regulations, and the acceptance of the project shall comply with relevant national standards and regulations.

  2. Before the construction of the water supply and gas pipeline engineering, the design unit should have the design confession, and conduct investigation and research according to the construction needs, and grasp the following conditions and information along the pipeline:

  1) Site topography, landforms, buildings, various pipelines and others The condition of facilities;

  2) Engineering materials, hydrogeology, engineering land and construction water, drainage conditions, power supply conditions, etc.;

  3) Engineering materials, construction machinery supply conditions;

  4) When constructing in surface water or on the shore, the surface should be mastered Water hydrology and shipping data; when constructing in cold areas, the freezing of surface water and drift ice data should be mastered;

  5) Other information and data combined with project characteristics and site conditions.

  3. Drainage construction design should be prepared for drainage. Construction drainage should consider a series of drainage related issues such as drainage does not affect traffic, does not damage roads, farmland, river banks and other structural buildings.

  The above is the details of the installation of the ductile iron pipe.