Electric injection molding machine uses

- Feb 18, 2021-

The injection molding machine has the ability to mold plastic products with complex appearance, precise size or dense texture with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education and health. All areas of people’s daily lives. With the rapid development of the plastics industry today, injection molding machines occupies an important position in terms of quantity and variety, and their total production accounts for 20%-30% of the entire plastic molding equipment , making it the fastest growing among plastic machinery at present. One of the most popular models. According to statistics, 1996--1998 , China's export injection molding machine 8383 Taiwan (sets), injection molding machines imported 42,959 units (sets), of which 1998 , China's injection molding machine production reached 20,000 units, its sales accounted for total sales of presses 42.9% .