Future direction of ductile iron

- Nov 13, 2019-

Energy-saving requirements result in essentially redesigning the part to achieve light weight and high efficiency, which inevitably reminds the designer to focus on the material. Ductile iron is increasingly believed to provide high strength-weight characteristics and can be produced at relatively low cost. When the tonnage of ductile iron increases and the market penetration is amazing, this material must not be seen to reach its full potential. Based on this, cast iron plants that do not produce ductile irons suggest a good reconsideration of this possibility.

Therefore, it is expected that with the replacement of gray cast iron, malleable cast iron and cast silver parts, it is possible to see the continuous increase in the tonnage of ductile iron production. Published publications are good for helping the factory to work on this, although the valuation will improve and improve. However, after the temperature of molten iron is lower than 1450"C, the effect of gestation is very poor, and the RG value is almost unchanged. It can be obtained from Table 3: the quality index of cast iron is 18% higher than that of metallurgical coke by casting coke smelting, it is worth noting that The relative hardness is reduced by 3%.