Gear torque arm operation requirements

- Jun 01, 2019-

In the process of working, the gear torque arm can be lubricated with gear oil for better sealing, high speed, high load and good sealing performance. The lubrication system of the gearbox is of great significance to the normal operation of the gearbox. The power generation gearbox must be equipped with a reliable forced lubrication system to inject lubrication to the gear meshing area and bearings.


In the summer, when the gearbox torque arm is in operation, the wind turbine is in a full valve state for a long time, and when the operation is performed, high-altitude direct sunlight is applied, and the operating temperature of the oil rises above the set value during the operation; When used in winter in the severe cold regions of Northeast China, the lower temperature often reaches below 30 °C. The lubricating oil in the lubrication pipeline is not flowing smoothly, and the gears and bearings are not well lubricated, causing the gearbox to stop at high temperature, and the tooth surface and bearing are worn.


The gearbox torsion arm has a working temperature range. It is recommended to design a lubricant thermal management system on the gearbox lubrication system: when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the cooling system starts to work. When the temperature is lower than a certain value, the heating system starts to work. Control the temperature within the range. In addition, improving the quality of lubricating oil is also an important aspect that must be considered in the lubrication system. Lubricant products must have excellent low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature stability, and research on high-performance lubricating oil should be strengthened.