High standards of wind power castings

- Mar 28, 2021-

Wind power has developed rapidly in the past decade, and the output of wind power castings is still in short supply. The low output of wind power castings has a lot to do with its high standards. So what specific high requirements do wind power castings have?

Because of the harsh environment of wind power castings , the service time is long. Wind power castings have high requirements for tensile resistance, high standards for ultrasonic testing, high standards for magnetic particle testing, and high standards for high impact strength at low temperatures.

Many equipment in the field of wind power generation are castings, which means that a major application of ductile iron products is the wind power generation industry. In view of the particularity of wind power equipment, what aspects should be paid attention to in the processing of its various castings?

The base of the wind power equipment, the hub of the device blade, the gear box, the mechanical stand, etc. that are usually seen are all castings, and they are all ferritic ductile iron parts with high requirements to obtain the required for power generation operations. Good tensile strength, elongation, stiffness, etc. In addition, in order to meet the high impact strength at low temperatures, the casting of wind power equipment must also be made of ductile iron.

 With the development of large-scale wind power equipment, the requirements put forward are getting higher and higher, and castings that do not meet the standards will be eliminated. In actual production, the formation of this type of casting is still difficult, so only by truly understanding its requirements, mastering the production technology, and strictly controlling the production process can the final ideal casting be obtained.