Injection molding machine maintenance knowledge

- Mar 04, 2021-

1 , the injection molding machine by the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, special fittings and the like, as required in injection molding technology, organically combined, degree of automation high, close association with each other; injection molding machine may be 3 classes 24h continuous operation. If a component of the injection molding machine fails, it will cause a shutdown. 2 , injection molding machines fixed asset investment , big production scale, consume more raw materials, labor productivity high, big output value. It is a form of production organization with high labor efficiency. 3. Although the operation of the injection molding machine is simple and there are few workers, the management and maintenance of the injection molding machine has a high technical content and a large workload. Therefore, to ensure that the injection molding machine is always in good condition, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the injection molding machine and strictly control the failure of the injection molding machine. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing failure rate, reducing maintenance costs and extending service life.