Installation method of ductile iron pipe

- Mar 23, 2021-

How to install the ductile iron pipe, and the specific installation method we will give you a detailed introduction.

  1. When excavating the pipe trench, it is necessary to consider that the sand can be filled to the bottom of the ductile iron pipe during backfilling to ensure uniform force. When digging the groove at the interface, try to leave space as much as possible to ensure that the interface operation can fully use effort.

  2. Except for special circumstances, the trench should be straight and the bottom of the trench should be on the same plane. When digging a trench with a machine, a 20cm-30cm thick soil layer should be left at the bottom of the trench not to be excavated temporarily, and should be manually cleaned to the elevation.

  3. Use a brush and a clean rag to clean the inside of the socket and the outer surface of the socket end, especially the place where the rubber seal ring is placed.

  4. For DN80mm-300mm small diameter ball tube, pinch the rubber seal ring into a heart shape and put it into the socket, so that the brake washer of the rubber seal ring is tightly embedded in the base, and the uniform pressure seal ring is firmly fixed in the socket. For ductile iron pipes above DN400mm, bend the sealing ring into a figure of 8 and it is easier to insert it into the base by pressing the two protrusions in turn.

  5. Lubricate the inner surface of the seal ring and the socket. The lubricant should be a non-toxic and odorless alkaline lubricant (which can be replaced by soapy water). Insert the socket into the socket until it is in coaxial contact with the sealing ring. It must be aligned correctly so that the central axis of the pipe or pipe fitting to be connected coincides.

  6. If you find that the insertion resistance is too large when connecting the pipe, you should stop immediately, pull out the pipe, check the position of the rubber seal ring and the socket, and find out the reason before installing. The depth of insertion is just between the two lines of markings. When the interface is installed, the offset angle can be adjusted according to the ductile iron pipe diameter.

  When installing ductile iron pipes, you must pay attention to these installation methods. I hope everyone can learn this method.