Installation requirements for ductile iron castings

- Aug 03, 2019-

 1. Before the construction, do a visual inspection of the pipes, fittings, rubber rings, etc., and find that there are problems that cannot be used.

 2, the pipe installation generally uses a slide-in "T" type interface, as long as the socket is inserted into the socket in place. The construction practice proves that the interface has reliable sealing, good shock resistance and corrosion resistance; the operation is simple, the installation technology is easy to master; and the working conditions are improved. Is a better form of interface.

          The emergence of ductile iron castings provides a new type of pipe with excellent performance for China's water supply industry. In order to better apply ductile iron castings in engineering, design and construction personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of ductile iron castings, constantly find problems and solve them, make the design more reasonable, and the construction is more standardized, so that the new pipes can be used more in the water supply project. Great role.