Interactive capabilities of the injection molding machine and optional operability

- Feb 24, 2021-

The injection molding machine should make its operation and management more user-friendly, the operation should be convenient, the display should be clear, easy to understand, and clear at a glance. It has the function of parameter selection, product quality control, mold data storage and its various parameters, which can quickly diagnose and eliminate faults, reduce material waste in the shortest time, and restore normal system operation. The main points of purchasing an injection molding machine are the stability, reliability, safety and service life of the machine. The stability of the machine is mostly expressed in whether the clamping mechanism and the injection molding system are running smoothly in each cycle, working under noise without impact, and the noise must not exceed the industry standard. These conditions are related to the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the machinery , as well as the reasonable design and structure of the toggle link. Reliability and service life .