Introduction to Spheroidal Graphite casting

- Aug 20, 2018-

Spheroidal Graphite Casting is a casting process, which is now made of Rare-earth magnesium alloy as a cupola, and the same as Gray iron. In order to ensure good ball, the content of sulfur and phosphorus to control a little lower. Considering the temperature loss during gestation, the temperature of molten iron should be higher than that of ash. According to the production of ductile iron grade, sometimes to control the carbon content, to add a certain proportion of the burden of scrap steel. Also to do a inoculation ladle, sampling spoon, triangular specimen and cylindrical specimen mold one. A number of steel shavings and straw ash on a lathe. Stir-stirring of molten iron (rebar in the head is enclosed with 10mm thick graphite or toner.) Before opening the furnace, the Rare-earth alloy, Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese and other alloys required for the product are smashed into small pieces of about 15mm of grain size.

The amount of molten iron required for each packet will be weighed.