Introduction to the characteristics and toughness of ductile iron pipes

- Mar 19, 2021-

What are the unique characteristics of ductile iron pipes, and the specific toughness, I will give you a detailed introduction in this respect below.


  Ductile cast iron can be made into ductile iron pipes. Due to the characteristics of graphite, ductile iron pipes have excellent smoothness data. The pipes made of polyethylene used in people’s lives, the oil produced enters through these pipes The sewers will be blocked, causing great inconvenience to people.

  The use of ductile iron pipes can prevent oily substances from being blocked, and can also be put into pipelines that transport oily substances. Brings great convenience to people's lives.

  Ductile iron pipes also have outstanding characteristics. Steel does not have the characteristics of nodular cast iron. The cost of steel production is higher than that of nodular cast iron. Therefore, for the sake of cost and guarantee, the pipes for transporting water are nodular cast iron pipes, which can accept the pressure of the ground without being affected by the pressure. Deformation or rupture occurs during the length of time under pressure, and it can also be put into the trigeminal pipe of tap water and can accept the impulse of water. Ductile iron pipes have such characteristics, we will explain more about ductile iron pipes in the future.