Is injection molding machine template optimization important and injection molding machine template

- Dec 04, 2018-

In the injection molding machine, there are many important parts, and the following is an introduction to one of them, which is a template for the injection molding machine. Moreover, this allows everyone to have a deep and correct understanding of this important part, and to ensure the normal operation and correct use of the injection molding machine to get good results.


1. Injection molding machine template, is it convenient to purchase on the industry website?

The injection molding machine template is very convenient to purchase on the industry website, and as long as it is taken seriously and considered, all relevant factors can be considered, and the right product can be purchased. In terms of consideration, there are product origin, quality, parameters, price and manufacturer, etc., but also know the manufacturer's contact information and reference product evaluation, market conditions, etc., in order to make accurate judgments and avoid wrong choices.


2. Is the optimization of the injection molding machine template important?

Optimization of the injection molding machine template, from a professional point of view, this is an important task, because the template is the main body of the mechanical structure on the injection molding machine, its weight accounts for about 70% of the weight of the entire injection molding machine, so it is necessary to analyze by finite element Calculate the results and optimize the structural topology of this important part to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the injection molding machine, improve its work quality and work efficiency.


3. What is the template for the injection molding machine? Is it an injection molding machine template?

The injection molding machine is a part of the clamping mechanism of the injection molding machine. Specifically, it is a template that is mounted on four tie rods and used in conjunction with the injection molding motor template. Therefore, it belongs to the injection molding machine template.


The injection molding machine sets the template, which requires a long service life in use, and the template body does not bend and deform, and there is no problem such as flash. Based on these requirements, its structural characteristics are:

(1) A template body including four tie rod guide seats, and a T-shaped groove is provided on the template body.

(2) The template body comprises two parts, a front rib and a rear rib, a conical surface and a side rib between the front rib and the rear rib, and four slant between the side rib and the front rib Ribs, each of which has a partition groove with the front rib, the conical surface and the rear rib.


With the fixed formwork of this structure, the clamping force received during the mold clamping is guided to the actual mounting area of the mold, so that it does not bend and deform during the mold clamping process, and the molding die can be well corrected. The problem, in order to avoid the phenomenon of flashing, and in turn, to extend the service life of the fixed