Large ductile iron castings-quality requirements for wind power castings

- Jan 08, 2021-

Wind power equipment is erected and operated at high altitude. Although it is regularly overhauled, it is relatively difficult to replace large castings. The maintenance period determined during the design of wind power equipment is usually 20 years or even 30 years. Therefore, the reliability and durability of wind power casting materials are very strict.

Wind power generation equipment is operated at high altitude outdoors, the temperature is very low in winter, and the casting material also ensures good toughness at -20°. Due to such requirements, the main castings of wind power equipment are made of ferritic ductile iron, and there are strict requirements in terms of low-temperature impact toughness and fatigue strength.

In the production of conventional castings, the specified mechanical performance requirements are based on single-cast test bars, and the measured data may be quite different from the actual performance of the key parts of the casting. For important castings, it can be specified that casting test blocks are attached to key parts of the casting, and the measured mechanical properties data are closer to the properties of the casting body. However, for wind power castings, the use of additional casting test blocks is still insufficient to confirm the reliability of its quality.

Wind power casting manufacturers, in addition to dissecting the castings and measuring the properties of the castings during the trial production process, they also have an effective quality assurance system to ensure the reliability of the quality of the castings.