Nodular Cast Iron after treatment

- Jan 28, 2021-

The post-processing of ductile castings is the last process in the production of casting machinery and equipment. Post-treatment: The process of heat treatment , shaping , anti-rust treatment and rough machining of the cleaned ductile castings . The shape should have sufficient strength and rigidity , and the shape simulates the shape of the ductile castings to form the process equipment or consumable parts of the mold cavity. In order to guarantee the formation of the required cavity. The cavity of the riser is a container for storing liquid metal . The riser is added to the mold of the supplementary department above or on the side of the casting equipment in order to prevent the defects of the ductile castings from appearing. The core box is a process casting equipment in which core sand is made into a core. It can be made of wood , plastic , metal or other materials. The profile of pressed ductile castings requiring special processing. The quality of ductile castings should be controlled and inspected.