Plastic deformation and temperature requirements of the ductile iron casting adapter flange

- Apr 16, 2019-

When the ductile iron casting adapter flange is operated, the gasket is a ring that can be plastically deformed and has a certain strength when used. Most of the gaskets are cut from non-metal sheets and used when in use. It is mainly manufactured by a professional factory according to the specified size. When it is used, its materials are mainly asbestos rubber sheets, asbestos sheets, PTFE sheets, polyethylene sheets, etc., and thin metal sheets (white iron, stainless steel) will also be used. A metal-clad gasket made of non-metallic materials such as asbestos.

There is also a kind of wrap-around gasket which is mainly made of thin steel strip and asbestos belt. The most commonly used metal-wound gasket is made of stainless steel strip and graphite. According to the use environment, the wrapping tape can also be used asbestos. . Ordinary rubber gaskets are suitable for temperatures below 120 °C; asbestos rubber gaskets are suitable for general corrosive applications where the water vapor temperature is below 450 ° C, for oil temperatures below 350 ° C and pressures below 5 MPa. Medium, the most commonly used is acid-resistant asbestos board.

The low-pressure small-diameter wire-bonding flange of the ductile iron casting adapter flange is used for the high-pressure and low-pressure large diameters during the operation. The thickness of the flange and the diameter of the connecting bolt are different when operating. The quantity is different.