Precautions for installation of ductile iron pipe

- Mar 12, 2021-

How to deal with the ductile iron pipe installation, the specific details of the treatment, we will give you a detailed introduction below. When installing ductile iron pipe fittings , how to make fixed pipe ductile iron is the representative ductile iron pipe. Jiangong ductile iron pipe manufacturers will talk about the use of ductile iron drainage pipes, which makes some installation requirements: before construction, the pipes, fittings, Check the appearance of the rubber ring to make sure it can be used normally. The detailed installation procedure: arrange the socket socket→arrange the rubber ring→up the rubber ring→down tube (pipe)→brush lubricant on the surface of the socket and the rubber ring→push the tube into the socket→check. The key to the detailed device:   ① Organize the nozzle: wipe off all the sundries in the socket and wipe clean.   ②Finishing the apron and applying the apron: Wipe and clean the adhesives on the apron, bend the apron into a "plum blossom" or "8" shape into the socket groove, and press it along the entire apron with your hand. Or use a rubber hammer to make sure that the rubber ring is evenly stuck in the groove.   ③Apply lubricant on the outer surface of the socket and the rubber ring: apply the lubricant evenly on the inner and outer surfaces of the rubber ring of the socket device. When applying the lubricant on the outer surface of the socket, all the socket parts other than the socket line should be applied. Brush evenly.