Production details of ball milled cast iron production and pouring

- Mar 16, 2021-

How to make ball-milled iron castings during production and pouring, and the specific production details will be introduced in detail below. The total output of ball milled iron castings in

  China has exceeded 31 million tons, and it has been in the world for 8 consecutive years. With the improvement of the quality of China’s ball milled iron casting enterprises, the strengthening of overall strength and the obvious improvement of core competitiveness have made China The ball mill cast iron industry has made great progress. For ball-milled iron castings, his maintenance is also very important. Only when the ball-milled iron castings are well maintained can it be possible to exert its great effect. For ball-milled iron castings, a comprehensive inspection of the ball-milled iron castings is required before use. The surface should be cleaned for flat places. If there are depressions in the ball milled iron castings, vinyl chloride should be used to fill the depressions of the ball milled iron castings on the bed. The coating thickness should not be too thick each time. About 0.5 mm, the ball-milled cast iron cannot be filled once, and the next time it is done, it will be done after the last time the material has dried. For ball-milled cast iron parts, water milling technology should be used when grinding. In order to prevent the ball-milled cast iron parts from rusting during the grinding process, anti-rust water must be used for polishing treatment. After the ball-milled cast iron parts are cleaned and polished, Pay attention to the painting of ball-milled cast iron parts. The primer must be fully stirred before use, diluted to an appropriate density, and then painted or sprayed.