Repair method for damage of ductile iron

- Mar 20, 2021-

How to repair ductile cast iron damage or other problems, and what are the specific methods? Let us give you a detailed introduction below.

  1. Rounding of ductile iron pipes:

  by using hydraulic or mechanical lifting methods, the inside is pushed outward, or the pressure is applied from the surface of the pipe to the inside. In order to prevent damage to the cement mortar lining, it should be used with the inner shape of the pipe Similar hardwood blocks. The external image of rehabilitation ductile iron pipes.

  2. Ductile cast iron pipe cutting:

  The grinding wheel used for cutting the pipe should be able to install the cutting wheel and the grinding wheel for polishing. The grinding wheel made of gold steel grit (silicon carbide) is very suitable for cutting with cement lining. When cutting the pipe, the pipe should be placed on a level ground or square wood. The process of cutting the pipe is: marking, cutting and polishing.

  3. The outer coating of ductile iron pipe repair:

  clean with a brush and steel wire The surface, if necessary, can be boring by gas-fired method. After cleaning it with a wire brush, apply paint.

  4. Repair of the lining of ductile iron pipe:

  a. Turn the part that needs to be repaired to the bottom, and remove the damaged part.

  b . . Use a metal brush to remove the remaining cement block, moisten the edge of the cement layer of the part to be repaired, and then wait for a few parts.

  c. Fill the cement mortar and press it to the original cement coating thickness.

  d. The end is the surface Apply smoothly and add some water or cover with a damp cloth to prevent the cement from drying too fast and cracking.