Riser structure in planet carrier ductile iron casting

- May 22, 2019-

The planet carrier is an important component of a large-scale coal mill. It requires not only heavy weight but also wear resistance, heat resistance and fatigue resistance. Therefore, the quality of the planet carrier ductile iron casting is relatively high. In order to avoid unnecessary defects in the production process, it is necessary to provide a riser structure in a casting system of a mining planet carrier ductile iron casting with a better feeding effect. 

The riser structure in the planet carrier ductile iron casting includes a plurality of risers and cavities, and a plurality of risers are located directly above the cavity and evenly distributed. After adopting the above structure, the arrangement position of the riser is more reasonable, and it is not easy to generate too much oxidized slag, and the heat can be dissipated in time during the casting process, and the liquid replenishment is timely and accurate, and the defects such as shrinkage and residue can be effectively avoided or reduced. 

As an improvement, the riser in the planet carrier ductile iron casting is a hot riser. The hot riser can be burned at high temperature to ensure that the casting liquid is always kept at a high temperature. The liquid can timely fill the casting, avoiding defects such as partial overheating of the casting or unevenness caused by uneven heating.