Advantages of injection molding machine template manufacturing

- Aug 12, 2020-

1) The template is made of cast steel or ball milled cast iron with good toughness and rigidity to ensure sufficient toughness and rigidity and wear resistance. 2) The shape and size design of the formwork is to design the fixed formwork as a flat working surface with a supporting rib structure in the cross section to overcome the bending stress to be experienced during work. When machining, it should be divided into roughing and finishing to reduce the deformation after machining and ensure the accuracy of the mutual position of each part. 3) The assembly of the template and the Corinthian column is a sliding fit, and the synchronization accuracy required is high to ensure the symmetrical accuracy of the centerline and the non-parallel accuracy of the working surface of the template and the moving template. 4) A sliding foot structure is adopted between the movable template and the skateboard track. Between the sliding foot and the track, an oil mold effect is formed by lubricating oil to generate an oil film and form a good sliding fit.