Some common sense of spheroidal graphite iron and their application fields

- Jul 18, 2019-

As a new type of material, spheroidal graphite iron has better mechanical functions: excellent mechanical function and metal saving; simple construction, inductive engineering cost, high reliability, corrosion resistance, safe water supply and gas transmission; The scope of the water supply pipe network, the oil pipeline network, and the gas pipeline network, and the long service life. Let's let Xiaobian explain in detail some of the knowledge and application of ductile iron castings.


Both ductile iron castings and general cast iron are rich in graphite monomers. Generally, graphite in cast iron exists in the form of flakes, so it is equivalent to the presence of many flakes in the cast iron, so the cast iron strength is generally low and brittle. The graphite in the ductile iron casting is spherical, which is equivalent to the presence of many spherical open spaces in the cast iron. The effect of spherical open space on the strength of cast iron is much smaller than that of sheet-like open space, so the strength of ductile iron casting is much higher than that of ordinary cast iron. High-strength ductile iron castings are certainly popular! Ductile iron castings are currently the most versatile water supply pipe in the world, and can also be used in petroleum, electric power, mining and chemical industries. The ductile iron pipe has the corrosion resistance of the general gray iron pipe and the strength and durability of the steel pipe. The corrosion resistance is several times or even ten times higher than that of the steel pipe. Therefore, in various environments, the ductile iron pipe does not have to be special. Antiseptic treatment. Whether it is in the municipality or in the industrial category, it is an important task to protect the people's industry. The ductile iron castings have a safety factor of three times in the planning, not only guaranteeing the entire fire protection system, but also the valves and fire hydrants are completely and common ductile iron casting products, and fully meet the working conditions of the fire piping system.