Specific application of ductile iron and its performance comparison with other materials

- Sep 29, 2018-

Ductile iron, which is a material and a widely used material, can be used in many industries and fields. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand, in order to use this material reasonably, and to achieve good use by exerting its excellent performance, and thus, the product has good performance.


1. Cast iron pipe, is it made of ductile iron?

The cast iron pipe, which is essentially a ductile iron pipe, is a material that uses ductile iron. Moreover, the graphite in the ductile iron pipe exists in a spherical shape, and its spheroidization grade is controlled to be 1-3, and the spheroidization rate should be not less than 80% to ensure the mechanical properties of the material, and the nature of iron and The performance of steel. In addition, after the annealed spheroidal graphite cast iron pipe, the metallographic structure is ferrite plus a small amount of pearlite, and has good mechanical properties. This type of pipe is mainly used for water supply and gas transmission from municipal industrial and mining enterprises.


2. Comparison of ductile iron and cast iron

Comparing ductile iron with cast iron, it is concluded that ductile iron is significantly better than cast iron in tensile strength and yield strength because: ductile iron has a tensile strength of 60k and cast iron has only 31k. Moreover, ductile iron has a yield strength of 40k, while ordinary cast iron has no yield strength.


3. Specific application of ductile iron

Specific application 1: pressure pipeline

The use of ductile iron on pressure pipes is better than gray cast iron because the performance of ductile iron is better than that of gray cast iron. Moreover, ductile iron has high strength and toughness, which allows the pipeline to withstand higher pressure without problems, and is easy to operate and carry out in pipeline installation.

Specific application 2: automotive industry

It is mainly used in three parts of the car. It is an engine component, a power transmission component, and a vehicle suspension, a brake and a steering device. The power transmission components are mainly gears and bushings, and on the engine components. Mainly the power source crankshaft.

Specific application 3: agriculture, road paving and construction industry

In the agricultural industry, the components of spheroidal graphite cast iron are used for various tractor accessories, birch, brackets, clamps and pulleys, as well as the rear axle housing of agricultural vehicles. In the road paving and construction industries, bulldozers, boring machines, cranes and compressors use ductile iron castings.


In addition to these three specific applications, ductile iron is used in other applications, such as machine tool components and heavy machine castings. In addition, various hand tools, such as wrenches, clamps, and gauges, are also manufactured from ductile iron.https://www.xihuafoundry.com/