Sustainable development and quality requirements for wind power castings

- Apr 04, 2019-

Manufacturers of wind power castings should strengthen the audit of suppliers, and attach great importance to the environmental protection and safety management of casting suppliers during operation to avoid the factory shutdown due to sewage problems and safety accidents, resulting in delays in casting products and affecting the progress of the entire project. . At the same time, this will also force the upstream industry to achieve green sustainable development as soon as possible, eliminate backward production capacity and optimize the industrial structure.

Wind power castings should guide the foundry companies to reduce costs scientifically and rationally, do not blindly suppress prices, eliminate vicious competition in the industry, change the principle of bidding, comprehensively consider the three levels of price, technology and quality, and select the best.

Strengthen the cooperation of industry, academia and research, establish a wind power equipment laboratory, solve the problem of low conversion rate and slow conversion rate of research results, focus on a number of heavy, large and difficult product projects, and carry out basic theoretical research on high-end technical equipment and casting technology, for example Lightweight design and test of wind turbine castings above 6MW, development of toughened and lightweight materials, QT500-14, QT600-10 ductile iron, and application of aluminum alloy materials in wind turbines, research and development of numerical simulation software parameter setting Targeted spheroidizing agents and inoculants, etc., ultimately improve the automation and intelligent application of the production process, reduce costs, reduce pollution, and promote technological development and upgrading of the entire industry.

From raw materials and equipment to upstream and downstream wind turbines, we will form strategic partnerships, jointly research and develop, and benefit together. We will develop specialized enterprises for raw and auxiliary materials for cast iron and casting equipment to form a serialized supply chain.

Establish industry forums to strengthen cooperation and exchanges on common quality and technical issues of the industry, and use Weibo and WeChat public numbers to disseminate advanced processing technologies or management guidelines to learn from each other and improve the overall level of the industry.

However, this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as the connection between the flange and the water pump, it is not good to call the pump "flange parts". Smaller such as valves, etc., can be called "flange parts".