The advantages of ductile iron

- Mar 25, 2021-

Direct sales of ductile iron factories is a very good marketing method, which can make ductile iron marketing well and sales will be done well. Ductile iron has unique advantages. This kind of pipe is widely used in our lives, and it has played a very good role. The water supply and oil supply and other pipeline laying in our lives are all Have significant advantages, such as good ductility, but also good high strength and some properties of pressure resistance. Gray cast iron also has its special properties. The elongation rate can reach more than 10%, and the tensile strength is also very strong. The service life of the products produced by the ductile iron profile manufacturers can reach more than 100 years. Installation and construction They are all very simple, and in terms of engineering, they are also very economical and very affordable. Nodular cast iron casting method is very special, and the general pipe stability is very good, mainly spray some zinc on the surface or some other measures, it has good corrosion resistance and reliability is very good , Has a good pressure-bearing capacity and ductility is also very good. The processing of ductile iron parts is made by advanced technology.