The basic properties and production process of ductile iron

- Mar 12, 2021-

What are the basic properties and production process of ductile iron? We will give you a detailed introduction below for the specific details.

1. The composition of ductile iron :

  pig iron is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of more than 2%. Industrial pig iron generally contains 2.5%#zsfh#4% carbon, and contains C, SI, Mn, S, P and other elements. Products made from iron ore smelted in a blast furnace. According to the different forms of carbon in pig iron, it can be divided into steel-making pig iron, cast pig iron and ductile iron.

  The precipitated graphite is spherical cast iron. Spherical graphite has a smaller splitting effect on the metal matrix than flake graphite, so that the strength of cast iron can reach 70-90% of the matrix structure strength, the tensile strength can reach 120kgf/mm2, and it has good toughness. The chemical composition of ductile iron except iron is usually 3.6-3.8% carbon content, 2.0-3.0% silicon content, total manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur content not exceeding 1.5%, and appropriate amount of rare earth, magnesium and other nodulizers.

2. Ductile iron properties and production process:

  ductile iron castings have almost been used in all major industrial sectors, which require high strength, plasticity, toughness, wear resistance, severe thermal and mechanical shock resistance, high temperature or low temperature resistance , Corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, etc. In order to meet these changes in the conditions of use, there are many grades of ductile iron that provide a wide range of mechanical properties and physical properties.