The function of rationally adjusting the direction of wind power castings

- Aug 09, 2020-

After the low tide of wind power development, wind power has already appeared in front of everyone in a new form. The design of wind power castings is more reasonable, and breakthroughs have been made in wind turbine system technology. Wind turbine + charger + digital inverter. The wind power generator is composed of the nose, swivel, tail and blades. Each part is very important, and the functions of each part are: the blades are used to receive wind power and turn into electrical energy through the nose; the tail wing keeps the blades always facing the direction of the incoming wind to obtain the maximum wind energy; the rotation can make the nose turn flexibly to achieve The function of the tail to adjust the direction; the rotor of the nose is a permanent magnet, and the stator winding cuts the magnetic force lines to generate electrical energy.