The importance of the key components of the main drive of the generator set and the casting of the wind power gearbox

- Aug 21, 2020-

The gearbox is located between the wind wheel and the generator to transmit power to increase the speed. It is a heavy-duty gear transmission device that works under the action of irregular direction change loads and momentary strong impact loads. In particular, it is important to reduce the overall dimensions of the components and reduce the weight in the small cabin space. Therefore, the gearbox design must ensure that the structure is simplified and the weight is lightest while meeting the reliability and expected life. Consider the requirements for easy maintenance. According to the parameters provided by the unit, the transmission scheme is scheduled, stable and reliable components and materials with good mechanical properties and still stability under extreme temperature differences in the environment, equipped with complete and sufficient lubrication, cooling system and monitoring devices, etc. are designed The necessary prerequisites for the gearbox.