The injection molding machine leading direction

- Feb 19, 2021-

Ordinary horizontal injection molding machine is still the dominant direction of injection molding machine development, and its basic structure has hardly changed. In addition to continuing to improve its control and automation level and reducing energy consumption, manufacturers are developing in the direction of combination and serialization according to market changes. , As the same model of injection molding machine is equipped with three types of injection devices: large, medium and small, which are combined into standard and combined types, which increase flexibility, expand the scope of use, and improve economic benefits. In recent years, injection molding machine manufacturers in industrially developed countries in the world have continuously improved the functions, quality, supporting capabilities of auxiliary equipment, and automation level of ordinary injection molding machines. At the same time, vigorously develop and develop large-scale injection molding machines, special injection molding machines, reaction injection molding machines and precision injection molding machines to meet the needs of producing plastic alloys , magnetic plastics , and plastic products with inserts.