The injection molding machine maintenance

- Mar 01, 2021-

Repair and maintenance of injection molding machine : 1. Check whether the mold in operation is in normal state: whether there is low-pressure mold clamping protection; whether the movable parts such as guide post, ejector rod, and row position are worn out, and whether the lubrication is good? It is required to refuel once at least 12 hours, and the special structure needs to increase the number of refueling. Whether the screws and clamping clamps of the fixed template of the mold are loose; normal production conditions: check whether the defects of the product are related to the mold; when the machine is off, the mold must be thoroughly inspected and rust-proof treatment: wipe dry the cavity, core, top Remove the water from the mechanism and the row position and spray the mold anti-rust agent or apply butter.