The injection molding machine rigidity System

- Feb 25, 2021-

It is mainly reflected in the system rigidity of the clamping mechanism, which is related to the structure, size, material and heat treatment process of the template, tie rod, connecting rod and pin shaft; the plastic warping system of the injection molding machine such as the barrel, screw, screw head, The structure and manufacturing process of the non-return ring and the driving spindle of the screw are the main stress and wear parts of the injection molding machine, which directly affect the service life. The safety of the injection molding machine is very important. When the mold clamping mechanism opens and closes the mold, the reliability of the low-voltage protection system involves human-machine safety. Modern injection molding machines require the implementation of a combined electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic safety protection system. This protection mainly reflects two aspects: one is the safety protection of the mold, and the other is the safety protection of the person. Before closing the mold, when the safety door is not closed, the mold closing should not be able to move; in the process of closing the mold, if the safety door is not closed to the correct position, the template action stops or the mold opens automatically.