The injection molding machine selective template

- Feb 22, 2021-

1. Select the right model : the model and series are determined by the product and plastic. Since there are many types of injection machines, it is necessary to correctly determine which injection molding machine or series the product should be produced from at the beginning, such as general thermoplastics or bakelite raw materials or PET raw materials . Color, two-color, multi-color, interlayer or mixed color, etc. In addition, some products require conditions such as high stability (closed loop), high precision, ultra-high rate of fire, high injection pressure, or rapid production (multi-loop), and the appropriate series must also be selected for production. 2. Put it down: Determine whether the " Large Column Inner Distance " , " Mold Thickness " , " Mold Minimum Size " and " Die Plate Size " of the machine are appropriate from the mold size to confirm whether the mold can be put down.