The specific method of cutting the ductile iron pipe too long

- Mar 19, 2021-

When the ductile iron pipe is too long and needs to be cut, how to cut it, and what is the specific method, I will give you a detailed introduction below.

  How to cut the ductile iron pipe:

  1. Before cutting the pipe, first check the damage level of the ductile iron pipe. If the damage is serious, or there are cracks on the pipe body, it should be judged as scrap; if the socket is deformed or the socket is badly damaged, cut the damage Partially; when cutting pipes due to device requirements (such as connecting elbow pipe fittings), confirmation of the outer diameter of the cast pipe is suspended before the pipe is cut, that is, the outer diameter is within the range of public service. Before stopping the cutting of the cast pipe due to damage or construction requirements, the cast pipe to be cut should be placed on the surface or square wood, and the cut part should be marked with a marker pen along the cast iron pipe.

  2. To cut the ductile iron pipe, you can use a grinding wheel to cut the machine or an electric metal sawing machine. The grinding wheel can be driven by electricity or compressed air, or it can be driven by a direct internal combustion engine. Many cutting machines can be installed for cutting. Grinding wheel and grinding wheel. Assuming that only one cutting machine is used in the construction site, then this cutting machine should be adapted to install two kinds of grinding wheels. The cutting wheel with emery is very suitable for cutting ductile iron pipes with cement mortar lining. .

  3. When cutting the ductile iron pipe with the cut mark, first cut through the duct wall of the cement mortar lined ductile iron pipe from one point, and then cut the pipe along the marked mark.

  This is how the ductile cast iron pipe needs to be cut. Please understand more.