The wind power casting process

- Jul 04, 2020-

What are the solutions and technologies of wind power casting technology? How to guarantee its casting quality? Let me talk about it. The process plan mainly includes modeling process, smelting and pouring process, spheroidization inoculation treatment and cleaning process. The base of the wind power generation equipment, the hub of the blade, the gear box, the mechanical bench, etc. are all castings. The main size of the hub is 3175㎜, the main wall thickness is 150㎜; the material grade is QT400-18L; the gross weight is 12300㎏; the tapping liquid weight is about 17500㎏. The technical requirements of the raw materials for mechanical properties are also very strict. Using the method of zoning and appropriate chemical composition control, the trial production of wind turbine castings is carried out to meet the higher internal quality requirements of wind turbine castings, mass production is realized, and conditions are created for the localization of wind turbines.