Treatment method for pipe wall rupture of ductile iron pipe

- Mar 27, 2021-

What should we do if the wall of the ball milled cast iron pipe we often use is cracked? What problems should we pay attention to in the treatment method? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

Ball-milled cast iron pipe wall rupture can be repaired with cast iron fault repair equipment quick, simple and convenient. The reason for the wall splitting of the ball milled cast iron pipe is that there is no proper addition of some precautions in the casting to change the appropriate brittleness, which is a useful factor for breaking. It is recommended that you use a cast iron fault repair machine. The crack is caused by the high temperature during the heat treatment in the casting. It is currently sold in the market, but it can only be repaired to ensure that it is generally intact and let your product pass the quality control. However, if the operating performance is not satisfactory, especially if the pipeline is subjected to considerable pressure, then what method should be used The layout is useless, it must be recast to make a new  ball mill cast iron pipe fault repair equipment that can deal with the above results. However, individual repairing equipment with cast iron faults can or may not affect its use. Used for water supply, cast iron fault repair machine for split operation can repair. Therefore, if the split is not easy to handle, the main valve must be closed and patched.