Ultrasonic testing and material determination of wind turbine gearbox castings

- Oct 24, 2018-

Wind power gearbox castings, which are castings rather than forgings or other components, are mainly used in wind power plants, are used on the gearbox, and, as the name suggests, this type of gearbox The production process is for casting, so a casting of a wind power gear box is available.


1. Which of the wind power generation equipment can be cast? How to ensure the casting quality of castings?

In the wind power generation equipment, the hub including the impeller of the device, the gear box, the mechanical gantry and the base member, etc., may all be castings and obtained by casting, and it is possible to pass some specific aspects to ensure the casting quality of these castings. To achieve the goal, for example, the wind turbine hub is prone to problems such as graphite distortion, ball reduction, coarse structure, graphite floating, chemical composition segregation and shrinkage during the casting process. To avoid these problems, you can These aspects, such as smelting and casting processes, are set to achieve the goal of ensuring the quality of the casting of the wind turbine hub and base. This conclusion is equally applicable to wind turbine gearbox castings.


2. Ultrasonic testing of wind turbine gearbox castings

Wind power gearbox castings, which can use spheroidal graphite cast iron in materials, and in order to ensure safe and reliable operation and use of the gearbox, the quality of ductile iron needs to be strictly controlled, and ultrasonic testing can be used to check this material. Whether there is a defect inside, and correct and standardized operation to correctly detect, so as to have accurate results.


3. What is a wind turbine gearbox? How to determine the windshield gearbox casting material?

The wind turbine gearbox, which is the gearbox in the wind turbine, is an important mechanical component whose function is to transmit the power generated by the wind turbine to the large motor to obtain the corresponding speed. Normally, the rotational speed of the wind turbine is very low and cannot reach the required rotational speed of the generator. Therefore, the gearbox gear must be used to achieve the speed increasing effect. Therefore, the gearbox can also be called a speed increasing box.


The determination of wind power gearbox casting materials has certain steps. The specifics are as follows: Firstly, according to the complexity of the wind turbine gearbox load, the load distribution of the wind turbine gearbox is analyzed and studied to determine the mechanical structure of the gearbox. At the same time, to determine the gear parameters of the drive of each level. Then, the force analysis of the planetary gear transmission is carried out, and the stress conditions and results of the gears of each stage are obtained, and the static strength check is performed according to the standard, and whether the safety requirements are met. After that, the appropriate wind turbine gearbox parameters are determined and the appropriate manufacturing materials are selected by the determined parameters.http://www.xihuafoundry.com/