Vertical injection molding machine features

- Feb 14, 2021-

The injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. Its floor space is only about half of that of a horizontal machine, so it is about twice as productive as the floor space. Easy to realize insert molding. Conducive to precision molding. It is suitable for automatic forming of complex and delicate products. The belt conveyor is easy to be installed in the middle of the mold . It is easy to ensure the resin fluidity in the mold and the consistency of the mold temperature distribution. Equipped with rotating table, movable table and inclined table, it is easy to realize insert molding and in-mold combination molding. The mold structure is simple, low cost, and easy to unload . Due to the low center of gravity, the vertical machine has better shock resistance than the horizontal machine.