Weld quality of wind power flange

- May 20, 2019-

The wind power flange needs to check the commissioning equipment during the operation, so that the normal operation of the equipment can be ensured. During the welding process, the assembly of the vertebral body and the large flange are assembled according to the drawings, and then the large flange is divided into eight equal parts. Share. Due to the thicker flange and larger groove, the welding uses segmental symmetry and multi-layer welding.


The quality of the weld of the wind flange requires that the weld strength be at least the strength of the base metal when it is used. The surface of the weld is smooth and smooth, and there are no defects such as burn through, pores, welds, slag inclusions, undercuts, and insufficient welds.


The gasket of the wind flange is a ring made of a material that can be plastically deformed and has a certain strength during operation. Most of the gaskets are cut from non-metal plates when used, or by professional The factory is made according to the specified size. The material is asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board, PTFE board, polyethylene board, etc. It is also used to wrap metal non-metallic materials such as asbestos with thin metal sheets (white iron and stainless steel). There is also a wound gasket made of a thin steel strip and an asbestos tape. The most commonly used metal wound gasket is made of stainless steel strip and graphite. The winding tape can also be used depending on the environment. asbestos.