What aspects relate to wind power castings and casting position selection principles

- Nov 30, 2018-

Airflow power generation castings, which are a specific type of castings, are mainly used in wind power generation equipment and equipment to perform wind power generation work well. Therefore, such castings are very common and commonly used in wind power generation, and need to have a deep understanding before they can be used correctly and reasonably, and then have a good use effect.


1. In the cost calculation of wind power generation system, is it necessary to involve wind power castings?

The costing of wind power generation systems, in some respects, involves wind power castings, mainly the use of wind power castings, and the cost of castings such as hubs, frames and gearboxes, so that it is associated with wind power. There are still some relationships between power generation castings that cannot be completely ignored, so as not to affect the accuracy of cost calculation.


2. Are the wind power generation castings of the horizontal and vertical wind power generation equipment the same?

Horizontal and vertical wind power generation equipment, if the wind power castings are compared, then there are some differences or differences, because they are used in different types of wind power generation equipment, and in order to ensure that the wind power generation equipment can work normally. And running. Moreover, it is also necessary to know that the horizontal wind power generation device has a simple structure, is higher in work efficiency than the vertical type wind power generation device, and can be industrially produced to ensure product quality and use effect.


3. When designing the operating temperature of wind turbines, should we consider wind power castings?

Wind turbines should consider wind power castings when designing operating temperatures. Moreover, this specific aspect must be taken into account, because the temperature that the casting can withstand will affect the operating temperature of the unit, so this will be the case. A conclusion. In addition, in general, the ambient temperature of the ambient temperature is -20 to 45 degrees, and the ambient temperature of the low temperature type is -30 to 40 degrees, which cannot be confused.


4. Wind power generation castings What are the principles for the selection of the casting position?

Wind power castings, which are one type of castings, therefore, they must follow some principles in the choice of casting position, which is specifically: the important processing surface of the casting should be facing down or on the side, if it is in the upper part of the casting, it is easy Defects such as blisters, pores, and slag holes. If there are many important processing surfaces on the casting, the important and large processing surfaces can be facing down or on the side. If it is unavoidable only in the upper part of the casting, the machining allowance can be appropriately increased to ensure the processing quality of the casting.http://www.xihuafoundry.com/