What factors will be affected by the casting process?

- Jul 24, 2019-

1. Batch of castings: The larger the batch, the more economic benefits.

2. Clean out: There is no chemical binder in the molding sand. The foam is harmless to the environment at low temperature, and the recovery rate of the old sand is over 95%.

3. High precision of casting: The cast iron part is a new process with no margin and precise molding. The process does not need to take the mold, no parting surface, no sand core, so the casting has no flash, burr and draft angle, and Reduced dimensional errors due to core combinations.

4. The cast iron process is the same as other forging processes. It has its shortcomings and limitations. Not all castings are suitable for the production of the lost foam process. Detailed analysis is required.

5. Casting structure: The more complicated the casting structure, the better the superiority and economic benefit of the cast iron part process. For the case of narrow internal cavity passage and interlayer, it is necessary to pre-improve the predecessor before using the lost foam process.

6. Reduce investment and production cost Reduce the weight of casting blanks, and the machining allowance is small. Highly complex castings can be forged from a combination of foamed plastic sheets.

7. Casting material: The order of good combination and poorness is roughly: gray cast iron - non-ferrous alloy - ordinary carbon steel - ductile iron - low carbon steel and alloy steel; through necessary preparation so as not to make process experiment The debugging cycle is too long.

8. Casting size: mainly consider the scope of use of the corresponding equipment (such as vibrating table, sand box).https://www.xihuafoundry.com/