What Is Ductile Iron?

- Apr 28, 2019-

 Ductile iron offers versatility and high performance at low costs. Since 1948, ductile iron castings have proven to be an effective, lower cost alternative to malleable iron castings, steel forgings and steel fabrications. High Tensile Strength, yield strength and elongation combine to give ductile iron a superior strength to weight ratio that adds up to more strength for less expense.


When compared to steel and malleable iron castings, ductile iron offers further cost savings. Like most commercial cast metals, steel and malleable iron decrease in volume during solidification, and as a result, require attached reservoirs of liquid metal to offset the shrinkage and prevent the formation of internal or external shrinkage defects. The formation of graphite during solidification causes an internal expansion of ductile iron as it solidifies. This property of ductile iron reduces requirements for feed metal as well as material and energy requirements, resulting in substantial cost savings.